Mens Singles - Craig Naylor

Mens Doubles - Gordon Dunn & Jonathan Davies

Mixed Doubles - Kim Hartley-Buffham & Craig Naylor

Ladies Doubles - Kim Hartley-Buffham & Cherry Ingram

A beautiful day for tennis, cool, hazy sun, no wind. We kicked off bang on time with the Mens Doubles group stage at 11am.

By 1pm we had two men's doubles finalists, ironically a replay of the only two pairs to actually play a match. Grant and Craig to play Gordon and Jonathan.

It was now very evident that Craig had qualified for three finals after having already played for two hours to get there.

The results as I remember them went something like this (I should have wrote them down!):

Ladies Doubles - Kim Hartley-Buffham & Cherry Ingram beat Bianca Pallat & Becks Damerell
6-3, 6-4

Bianca's plans for a long warm up giving she had not played for weeks because of her toe and chisel incident all went wrong as she got trapped on the M1 in a big traffic jam. But well played Kim and Cherry. This was a tense, cautious affair and Kim and Cherry were rewarded for their great consistency in a very tight match.

Mens Doubles - Gordon Dunn & Jonathan Davies beat Craig Naylor & Grant Mundy
1-6, 7-6, 6-4

I think that was broadly the score, but believe me after the first set once Gordon and Jonathan settled down, this was an incredibly close, high standard, men's doubles match with some ferocious hitting and could easily have went either way. Fine margins as they say.

Mixed Doubles - Kim Hartley-Buffham & Craig Naylor beat Becks Damerell & Gordon Dunn
6-4, 6-7, 6-1

Gordon after starting at 11am for the Men's doubles tournament was physically struggling by this time and suffering from the mysterious right thumb lock. The last set did not reflect what a fine match this was over the first two sets with both pairs striking the ball well and some great rallies.

Mens Singles - Craig Naylor beat Jonathan Davies
6-4, 6-7, 6-2

I'm just amazed at where Craig got the energy from. This match finished at 8pm after Craig and Jonathan had started at 11am in the Men's doubles 9 hours previously. Jonathan was eating raw coffee straight out of the jar to give him some energy and was so tired at the end that he immediately dropped his runners up trophy at the presentation and it shattered on the ground. But at least he went the whole day without breaking a racket string.

So Craig came away with two winners trophies after playing three three set finals in a marathon nine hour stint, well done Craig you have my respect!. As the Tournament Referee on the day I was exhausted so I can't imagine what the players actually felt.

It was a great and memorable day though and will definitely go down in club history as the longest.

A big thank you to Trysports in Bicester for their great job in providing the trophies, giving us 10% off the cost and doing the engraving for free. This saved us a lot of money and was much appreciated.

Also thanks to Claire at Trysports for the amount of racket stringing she did for everyone prior to the event to get everyone ready, Jonathan Davies in particular!

John Ingram
Club Chairman



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